Trump Signs Healthcare “Freedom to Discriminate” Against LGBTQ

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

By Nick Duffy . May 3, 2019

The Trump administration has issued new rules that grant healthcare workers the right to discriminate based on their religious beliefs.

In a speech to conservative evangelical leaders at the White House on Thursday (May 2) to mark the National Day of Prayer, President Trump confirmed he would enact a rumored plan to scale down healthcare discrimination protections.

Donald Trump: They’ve been wanting to do that for a long time, right Mike?

The President confirmed: “Today we finalized new protections of conscience rights for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, teachers, students, and faith-based charities.”

Addressing anti-LGBT Vice President Mike Pence, he added: “They’ve been wanting to do that for a long time, right Mike? They’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.”

US Vice President Mike Pence and Karen Pence participate in a National Day of Prayer service in the Rose Garden at the White House May 02, 2019 in Washington, DC.
US Vice President Mike Pence and Karen Pence participate in a National Day of Prayer service in the Rose Garden at the White House May 02, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty))

The Department of Health and Human Services issued the new rules, extending rights for religious objection against an alleged “culture of hostility to conscience concerns in health care.”

It advises healthcare professionals: “You have the right under Federal law to decline to perform, assist in the performance of, refer for, undergo, or pay for certain healthcare-related treatments, research, or services  (such as abortion or assisted suicide, among others) that violate your conscience, religious beliefs, or moral convictions.”

GLAAD tweeted: “The Trump Administration essentially wants to hand people a license to discriminate against LGBTQ people.”

The ACLU added: “Trump’s HHS issued a rule today allowing for discrimination in health care when there is a ‘moral or religious objection.’

“Preventing people from accessing critical medical care may endanger people’s lives, especially trans people and those seeking reproductive care.”


LifeApps Brands Inc. joins with ProcureAM LLC for LGBT index fund

WILTON MANORS, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 21, 2019

LifeApps Brands Inc., (OTC PINK: LFAP) (”LifeApps”), an emerging growth digital media company, has agreed to a Letter of Intent (LOI) with ProcureAM LLC. This LOI represents LifeApps Brands interest and general terms for a partnership to create the first-ever LGBT Loyalty ”Preference” Index Traded Fund. As a new client of ProcureAM’s Procure Asset Launchpad (”PAL”) platform, LifeApps Brands would be the Sponsor of the ETF and index licensor for the LGBT focused index. ProcureAM would license the index and provide specific services for a ProcureAM listed ETF on the NYSE-ARCA or other US equity exchange.

”Working with ETF industry leaders Robert Tull and Andrew Chanin is extraordinary as we will benefit greatly from their time-tested experience and loyal relationships. Our common goal and passion to make a difference for the LGBT community alongside our LGBT allies of family, friends and supporters we share together at this very important time in history,” said Bobby Blair, CEO of LifeApps Brands.

”We are excited to start this new venture with our first PAL partner. We believe LifeApps’ unique strategy will not only create a benchmark for purchasing/loyalty preferences but also help to promote social and human rights causes for which LifeApps and its affiliates have championed for years,” said Andrew Chanin, CEO of ProcureAM.

About LifeApps Brands Inc.

LifeApps is an authorized developer, publisher and licensee for Apple iOS iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android tablets on Google Play and Kindle Fire and Androids via Amazon Mobile Marketplace. Moving forward we will focus on the development of niche demographic media networks. We are creating a LGBT Loyalty ”Preference” Index Traded Fund. We are also in development of a LGBT Advertising Agency and a LGBT Media Distribution Network to assist businesses and brands in the creation and distribution of specific content. For more information please visit:

About ProcureAM, LLC

ProcureAM is an innovative Exchange-Traded Product (”ETP”) company led by industry veterans Robert Tull and Andrew Chanin. ProcureAM aims to develop unique solutions for its proprietary models and collaborative efforts. ProcureAM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Procure Holdings, LLC. Procure Holdings, LLC is a diversified parent company with subsidiaries specializing in ETP servicing, ETP consulting and financial intellectual property.

Company Contact:

LifeApps Brands Inc.

2435 Dixie Highway

Wilton Manors, FL 33305

[email protected]

(954) 947-6133

ProcureAm, LLC

16 Firebush Road

Levittown, PA 19056

(215) 454-2540

Finding the Perfect Swimsuit Made Just for You

By Richard Hack

Summer in South Florida means plenty of beach weather to showcase that hot gym body in your new swimsuit. Of course, this brings on the annual right-of-passage as the old suits get trashed in favor of the latest looks in beachwear. While we are fortunate to live in the swimsuit design capital of the world, the plethora of choices on the retail shelves and outlets can make picking the perfect suit for your body type quite a challenge. But not if you follow OUTLife’s easy to understand guide for finding the ideal look for you and your body.

Even before you try on your first suit, check the waistband to discover whether it is a drawstring, elastic or fitted button style. If you carry the all-too-familiar love handles around your middle, look to the draw-string model to eliminate the muffin top that will invariably come with the other waist types. Elastic bands work fine for those with a firmer midriff. Leave the fitted button style for those with the hardest abs and tightest gym.

Your next decision comes down to length, from the longest board shorts to the skimpiest bikini. Pick your favorite color, material, and pattern, and slip on your this year’s beachwear look.

Long Board Shorts
This is the most common look on most US beaches. Sized to fall just at the knee, the board short was popularized by surfers around the world. Because it covers a multitude of physical imperfections, it works well on those with less than perfect bodies. Only those with extremely thin builds will find this look unworkable.

Mid-Length Shorts
Similar in look to board shorts, but with less length and material, the mid-length short works will all body types, and has been gaining in popularity with swimwear manufacturers worldwide. Normally found with an elastic-band waist, the mid-length short is your choice if you are on the short side or cursed with thin legs. A bonus with this swimsuit: it doubles as walking shorts off the beach and on the streets.

Short shorts
Back in the day, the street versions of this length shorts were called “hot pants,” since they flagrantly displayed both butt and thighs. Good news if your butt and thighs are pumped up and ripped firm. Otherwise, wear this suit at your own risk. Better to stay in bed with this suit in the drawer, unless you are capable of carrying off the look. If that’s the case, bring out your sexy best and prove that all that hard work in the gym matters.

Square cut trunk
Like short shorts, but even tighter. Read above and multiply by two. Note: This cut makes tall guys look like straws, unless they have shoulders the size of Cleveland.

Some say bikini, some say Speedo. While it is a popular favorite among European men, the only place you’ll see this swimwear in the U.S. is either at a gay beach or the Summer Olympics. Don’t discount its advantages, however. The clinging nylon of this style leaves nothing to the imagination. If you don’t have a problem with showing off your goods, and have something to display, this is the suit for you. Be aware that you will get noticed—and judged. You have now been warned.

Remember, just because it’s summer, and you feel at home at the beach, there is still a need to keep your fashion sense about you. And don’t forget the sunscreen. Style plus soft skin equals a sensational season.

When Pride Is Not Enough

By Richard Hack

The 49th anniversary of the Stonewall riots seems like the perfect moment to celebrate. As we join tens of thousands of gay, straight, and openly curious on Wilton Drive on June 16th, the LGBT community is on display for the world to see. We are happy—no, make that joyous—men and women (and those who love us) uniting in celebration of our mutual respect and harmony. Yes, we are out on the streets and visibly proud to be together and embracing our individualities just as we celebrate our similarities.

At the Stonewall Inn, 49 years ago, however, things could not have been more different. There was no “pride” among those patrons of the little bar at 51-53 Christopher Street. This was not really even a gay bar, as we know them today. The Stonewall Inn was owned by the Mafia and was a dark hole into which the rejects of society would disappear in the evenings to escape personal pain through the miracle of alcohol.

There were no strapping bodybuilders displaying unclothed body parts and rippling muscles. There were no bear or otters or other subspecies that are so common in today’s clubs and gay scene. No, in 1969, the patrons of the Stonewall Inn were disenfranchised drag queens and their transgender friends, effeminate gay men who would soon become the stereotypes of the homosexual movement, homeless youth who would congregate around the front of the building in the hopes of getting some spare change and a friendly smile, plus male prostitutes flaunting their wares—usually a firm bubble butt—that was available to be touched for the right price and used for an even bigger payout.

Make no mistake. This was a ratatouille of society’s rejects who were beaten and handcuffed in the early morning of Saturday, June 28, 1969 by police who were doing what they had become increasingly comfortable doing—harassing gays.

Brave soldiers all, the drag queens ripped off their wigs and started throwing punches. The transgenders scratched and kicked their way on to Christopher Street. The effeminate boys screamed and ran, less to avoid arrest than to secure reinforcements from the homosexuals who populated much of Greenwich Village at the time.

The violence that erupted in full view of news reporters and TV cameras was a watershed moment for acceptance by the disenfranchised of Manhattan, America, and the world. And those rioters didn’t stop that Saturday morning. They continued to vent their frustration for days, and they were joined by hippies and yuppies and Wall Street stockbrokers, as they drew attention to a situation that was so vile as to be now routinely labeled as the single most important event leading to gay liberation and the on-going fight for equality.

While the old Stonewall Inn would go out of business shortly thereafter, the movement that this riot began is responsible for giving life to every gay bar, every piece of legislation aimed at equal rights, every same-sex marriage and every pride event—including the one we’ll celebrate on June 16th beginning at 4 pm.

But while we’re puffed up with Pride on the Drive, we have a responsibility to recognize those drag queens, transgendered pioneers, gays and street hustlers from the Village as the heroes they are. Most of us weren’t even born when the Stonewall riots occurred. Fewer still were there to fight for freedom. But to those who were, you have our unending appreciation and gratitude. It is because of you that we can hold our heads high and say we are LGBT. Yes, we can party and be proud of who we have become. But, we should and can never forget our roots in the pain and frustration of bigotry and hate that was America in 1969. It was, after all, not that long ago—and is beginning to make its presence known again.

Brotox and Scrotox: Hotter Look; Better Sex

By Richard Hack. May 2018

We have a friend named Slate who looks just like he sounds. Rugged hard body, sun-damaged skin, and jeans faded just so at all the correct places. He’s usually wearing construction boots that are more scruffed than polished. In the old days, he’d be called a “Marboro Man.” These days, as he struts down the sidewalk of Wilton Manors, “stud” works just fine.

So it was quite the surprise to learn by way of invitation that Slate was a “Brotox” guy. (Brotox as in a man who gets botox–the wrinkle relaxer normally associated with women’s spas and plastic surgeons.) This guy with the chiseled body that came direct from Zeus himself had sent out invitations to a Brotox party, not on Mount Olympus but rather at his Harbor Beach estate a few weeks back with botox injections on the menu of hors d’oeuvres.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 17 million cosmetic procedures performed last year. Most of these were on women, of course. Over the past decade and a half, however, the number of men getting touch-ups has increased to the point that they now account for 3 million of that total. And a lot of those are botox injections.

“Botox is king for men,” says Michigan-based plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, a regular on The Rachel Ray Show. Dr. Youn knows these things.

Normally, Botox (a shortening of the official name Botulinum Toxin A Type) injections are used to reduce wrinkles in the forehead, crow’s feet around the eyes, thick creases in the neck and frown lines between the eye brows. The injections inhibit muscular nerve signals in order to weaken muscles so they can’t contract, says the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Because there is literally no down time, and injections are invisible, men have been discreetly getting the injections that were previously the purview of women only. The cost of botox is normally between $10 and $15 a unit with a total of 20-40 units needed for men—higher than for women because we have thicker skin.

All of which brings us back to Slate and his Brotox party where treatments were blocked booked at the party rate of $100 an area. No “back room” clinic here. The botox was administered right in his Intracoastal mansion in the library, complete with soft classic music and the collected sonnets of Shakespeare.

It was there that we were also introduced to the new botox treatment called “Scrotox,” injections of botox into the skin of the testicles to give your balls a smoother, larger and lower swagger. Now, truth in advertising, we did not have this procedure done. We have never had any complaints about the size or drape of our healthy scrotums, whose size is already quite a responsibility.

However, that being said, there were multiple candidates for Scrotox that evening last month, and reports of the results, done to the last man, were all glowing. The procedure we’re told in not as painful as it sounds, since the actual testicles are not injected. Rather, the skin around them is numbed and given a few good jolts of the good stuff from the nearby vial.
According to the word on the street, the Scrotox is also now going by the name of “ball ironing,” and is gaining in popularity.

Outside of the occasional Brotox party, there are a multitude of reliable clinics that provide botox injections at reasonable rates. Our favorite: BeWell MedSpa (1881 NE 26th St., Suite 40, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 954-530-5203).  Tell them OUTLife Magazine sent you. And mum’s the word.

A Hidden Gem–H2O American Café

Jen C/TripAdvisor

H2O American Café
101 S Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL 33316

There is a gem of a restaurant hidden on the ground floor of the historic Las Olas Beach Club, originally built between 1936-1937 as the 60-room Lauderdale Beach Hotel. Its Art Deco elegance defined the beach front from the moment it opened, with its exquisite lobby and ocean front suites crowned with the nickname, “Queen of the Beach” for the next 30 years. Created by famed Miami architect Roy F. France, portions of the original hotel were preserved and its stylized design incorporated into the new 29-story Las Olas Beach Club which was built in 2007.

H2O American Café blends itself into the mix with an interior arrangement that finds small tables and large beige banquettes arranged along the back inside wall with a chic small bar on the east wall featuring flat screen TVs playing the Fashion Channel and highlighting all the haute couture you never know existed. On the outside terrace, there is a view of the beach, the ocean and the bikini-clad men and women who occupy this particular stretch of metrosexual sand.

If it’s sunny outside, the tables on the terrace add the advantage of people watching and while the tables may be basically rattan, the location can’t be beat and those sauntering by will give your group plenty to talk about—from New York model chic with stick figure perfection to the full-figured multiracial tattooed babe that looks straight from Black Ink Miami.

Fortunately, you will have fortifications from the full-service bar, and a foreign-speaking server with an accent just thick enough to make you pretty sure that their nodding heads mean they have gotten your order correct.

As for food, we recommend the essential Fried Calamari ($12.95). Not greasy, not undercooked, a full platter replete with goodness that will definitely provide a full serving with an accompanying sauce with shades of Sharaz wine and garlic. Other appetizers include a large Chicken Quesadilla (with a three-cheese blend, onions, peppers, and spiced grilled chicken breast) ($11.95), and an enormous platter of Nachos ($10.95 ) (as in feeds three) that loads crisped tortilla chips, topped with chili, mozzarella and cheddar, green onions with chicken and pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole. A mouthful by any name.

Entrées include a mighty tender Prime Rib ($19.95) that’s medium-rare, very pink, very juicy, and served with au jus and a basket of French bread to sop up the leftover liquid. I’ve heard the Tilapia al Vodka ($19.95) is incredible, sautéed with jumbo shrimp in a vodka sauce, and includes a complimentary glass of paired wine. It certainly looks the part. Our favorite chicken dish, which we’ve order many times, is easily Chicken Marsala ($16.95) with its abundance of mushrooms and a brush of marsala demi-glace sauce with spaghetti.


For something a little lighter, the Flatbread Pizza is thin, fresh, and precisely baked. The most popular is the sausage with plum tomato sauce and a heavy-handed mozzarella ($11.95). For the vegans among us, there is a veggie version with crispy onions, peppers and mushrooms, with the same sauce and cheese for a dollar less.

If salads are your thing, there is not a better choice than the Sashimi ($15.95). It is thin-sliced, lightly seared sesame-seed encrusted tuna on top of cucumber and baby greens that is tossed in an ultra-lite tomato vinaigrette, coupled with sliced avocado and shredded seaweed dipped in Thai ponzu sauce. Rice wine never tasted so good. Of course, there is the usual Cobb ($13.95), Caesar ($9.95), Chicken Caesar ($14.95), Greek ($13.95) and Chicken Breast ($14.95) along strictly purest lines.

There is also a full sandwich menu including a dynamic Cuban ($12.95) with its roast pork, baked ham, Swiss cheese, mustard and dill pickles, served on freshly made Cuban bread. It is also the perfect size to take half of it home, to serve as a second lunch the next day. H2O also pays homage to Philadelphia with its own version of the Phillie steak, but this time a Chicken Breast replaces shaved beef, with caramelized onions, tomatoes, peppers and melted provolone ($11.95). If you insist, there is a Brewery Cheese Steak ($12.95), sliced roast beef, caramelized onions, and more provolone than should ever be allowed to consume at one sitting. Yes, it is delicious, and at least 1,000 calories. But, as they say, if you have to have to ask the price (or count the calories), this one is not for you.

And though you would never think it, looking at the beach setting and the buckets of champagne, H2O is also a burger joint. Begin with a half-pound of ground chuck and brisket cuddled by a grilled whole wheat or white bun. The basic 8-ounce Prime Burger comes served with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and a side for $10.95. A slice of cheese costs an extra $1.00 but there are nine (yes, nine) kinds of cheese to choose from. Order one, or order them all. And before we forget, there are 11 toppings to customize your feast. From housemade chili to fried onion strings, hickory bacon to pineapple, avocado to pepperoncinis (look it up), add a dollar a topping, as thick as you like. The only rule at H2O is to have a great time while enjoying a filling meal. Each time we go, we do just that.

And afterward, be sure to check out what remains of the original Lauderdale Beach Hotel. Walk down the sidewalk next to the restaurant, turn into the Las Olas Beach Club, and ask to see the two fireplaces, the original elevator, a decorative frieze over the original lobby entrance, and a stairway with art deco railings connecting six floors of the south section. Thank the Fort Lauderdale Historic Board for this rare opportunity to step back in time and experience our city circa 1937. An astonishing finish to a meal well served.

Aboard the Brightline at 75 miles an hour

By Richard David Chamberlain. May 17,2018

There was a time, not so very long ago, when train travel was an elegant and highly anticipated form of transportation. There were writing desks aboard with free engraved stationery, a dining car with linen-covered tables, china plates with silver utensils, and uniformed porters who actually tipped their caps out of respect as they passed you in the aisles. I know this not because I’ve actually lived during that period of time when politeness and respect went hand-in-hand with the excitement of travel. No, what I know of train travel comes from old black and white films on the big screen in the fantasy world of movies.

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes and Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express were childhood thrillers that forever bonded me to the mystery that surely exists aboard all trains. I think I would have liked living back then, and must admit that a small part of me hoped to capture a sliver of the romance of train travel by hoping aboard the Brightline recently for a non-stop trip from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach with my husband.

For the uninitiated, Brightline is a diesel-electric higher speed express train that operates between the two destinations all day and night with additional runs on the weekends. Test runs are also being conducted to the company’s Miami station where service is expected to begin by the first of June.

Brightline, the trains, are owned by All Aboard Florida, the company, which itself is wholly owned by Florida East Coast Industries. And according to legion, this is the first time in half-a-century that a privately held company is running an express train service in the United States. The last time we’re told was in between 1970 and 1983 when the Rio Grande Zephyr operated service between Denver, Colorado and Ogden, Utah. The problem in that case was that Ogden was hardly a tourist capital, though it does have some interesting historic buildings according to the Chamber of Commerce.

Brightline has no such problem. When hubby and I recently took the train to West Palm Beach, we were headed to see the Henry Flagler Museum, otherwise known as Whitehall—his 75-room mansion constructed in 1902 at a time when Henry was building the railroad to bring folks from up north down to Florida for the healthy benefits of its sunshine. From the Brightline station in West Palm Beach, it is a quick five-minute Lyft ride to the estate, where you can get lost for hours.

To and fro, we were seated in quiet comfort in the Select section of the train (read: First Class) which costs $15 each way for the 40-minute or less ride. Currently, however, Brightline is running a two-for-one special, so the pair of us travelled roundtrip for $30. Seniors and kids ride at an additional discount.

There is not only free parking at both stations, in Select class there is also free drinks and grub. And it was surprising just how much free food and booze one can consume in just over a half-hour.

In the coach section, called Smart for no apparent reason, it will cost you $7 for a Bud Light, Stella Artois and assorted craft beers. It is also $7 for Simi Sonoma Valley Chardonnay, Mark West Pinot Noir, and a split of Martin & Rossi Prosecco. The good stuff, Heidsieck & Co. Monopole Champagne, is $16 for a split—which is actually a very good price. There is also Tequila Avión, Bacardi Rum, Beefeater Gin, Dewar’s White Label Scotch, Tito’s Vodka, and Wild Turkey Bourbon, all available at $9. Unless, of course, you are upfront in the Select coach where it’s free for the taking.

So too are the snacks, otherwise known as nibbles. There are assorted flavors of Kettle Brand Potato Chips at $3.25, as well as assorted Popchips, SkinnyPop popcorn, Lenn and Larry’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Haribo Gummy Bears. Up the ante to $8.50 and you get a Go Picnic Sunflower Butter & Multigrain Crackers or a Go Picnic Beef Salami & Asiago Cheese. Again, buy a Select class ticket and that too is on the house. Oh—and lest we forget, of course there are sodas (as in Pepsi and Schweppes products), plus coffee, tea, milk, premium bottled waters, and the essential Red Bull energy drink.

In the ultra-modern yellow and blue themed stations, there is the Brightline version of an airport lounge for Select customers, who enter through a high-tech glass entry point operated by scanning their tickets. The fridge is stocked and the counter is full. (Smart Couch customers can look, but not enter).

Taken all together, Brightline is a first-class service in any seat. The employees deserve a special nod for actually smiling and seem to be enjoying themselves. Imagine. Take the train to and from work, and these uniformed cuties will become your new best friends. They will even help you stow your bags in the baggage area at the entrance to each car, or your pet in its carrier under the seat in front of you. Yes, Fido is allowed, as is Sylvester, if appropriately contained.

Train travel is a great idea whose time has come to Florida, with future expansion expected to aim all the way to Orlando in the not too distant future (hopefully). Trust us when we say that as you are sitting in your comfortable leather seat, reclined just so, with a bit of the bubbly and a crisp or two….somehow I-95 with its parking lot traffic just seems so-oo yesterday. N’est-ce pas?

Stonewall Pride in a Trump World

Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs.

That tweet from Presidential candidate Donald Trump in June of 1916 now stands as an indelible reflection of what a blatant liar the 45th President of the United States is. As Log Cabin Republicans bend over backwards in a feat worthy of a circus contortionist to continue to label Donald Trump as the most “gay friendly” Republican in history, it demonstrates exactly why Pride Festivals in the United States continue to grow in size and importance each year.

While the President may not be the most anti-gay Republican in Washington, he is by no means a friend of our community. He is a two-faced businessman posing as a politician that clearly has only one agenda in mind—Donald J. Trump. First, last, and always, the Trump administration is about its leader—and, in this day and age of weekly resignations and firings—the only one who matters.

Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders and their Straight Allies? You are road-kill to an administration that would prefer to genuflect to racist bigots and religious zealots than work on benefits or protections for any marginalized minorities—be they Black, Latino, Asian, Indian, and certainly the LGBT community.

As we put on our multicolor party hats and flock to Wilton Manors, Florida, on Saturday, June 16th to parade down Wilton Drive, there will be a message each of us will have on display by the mere visibility of our attendance. It is no longer enough to show pride in who you are or what you support, it is essential to demonstrate that you will not be ignored, repressed, or treated as second-class citizens in a first-class country.

Make no mistake. We are under attack just as much now as we were 39 years ago. Then, we flocked to the streets outside of the Stonewall Bar in Manhattan to stand up to police raids and mistreatment of gays. Now, we are faced with an ultra conservative backlash in Florida’s northern Panhandle cities that would love nothing better than to crush us out of existence. In an age where we can openly walk hand-in-hand on the streets of Wilton Manors, it is important to remember that we live in a protected bubble of illusion here in our sliver of sunburnt reality in South Florida.

The mood in Washington, DC, and in our state capital in Tallahassee is vile. Politicians in this country will never provide equal rights to all individuals regardless of race, creed, or sexual orientation because to do so will weaken their strength within their own ranks as white Christian Americans tumble closer than ever to becoming a minority themselves. For the first time in U.S. history that reality is allowing a platform that gives the current administration permission to exist.

There is no pride in Donald Trump’s continuing efforts to keep transgender soldiers from serving in the military. There is no pride in the Department of Justice’s legal brief that clearly states its belief that anti-gay legislation is legal under Federal law. There is no pride that transgender students in schools no longer have the protection given them under the Obama administration. There is no pride in the appointment of a new Supreme Court justice who thinks LGBT laws are special privileges, rather than basic human rights. And there certainly is no pride in gun laws that allow the repeated slaughter of innocent victims across all spectrums of life without action to prevent it from reoccurring ever again.

We have no more time to tolerate fools among leaders or allow the disenfranchised to lack a loud voice at the table. Expect the upcoming Stonewall Pride in Wilton Manors the second week in June to be the largest in its 19-year history. Not because this is a party to show how proud we are to be gay, but rather because it is a demonstration that reaffirms the strength in our unity. Gays and Straights standing tall together because we will accept nothing less.