Quarterly Reports

Filing Date Form Type Description View
Aug 14, 202010-QQuarterly report
Jul 8, 202010-Q/AQuarterly report (Amendment)
Jul 6, 202010-QQuarterly report
Nov 14, 201910-QQuarterly report
Aug 14, 201910-QQuarterly report
May 17, 201910-QQuarterly report
Dec 31, 201810-QQuarterly report
Aug 20, 201810-QQuarterly report
May 15, 201810-QQuarterly report
Nov 13, 201710-QQuarterly report
Aug 21, 201710-QQuarterly report
May 22, 201710-QQuarterly report
Nov 21, 201610-QQuarterly report
Aug 15, 201610-QQuarterly report
May 23, 201610-QQuarterly report
Nov 13, 201510-QQuarterly report
Aug 19, 201510-QQuarterly report
May 20, 201510-QQuarterly report
Nov 18, 201410-QQuarterly report
Aug 19, 201410-QQuarterly report
May 13, 201410-QQuarterly report
Nov 19, 201310-QQuarterly report
Aug 14, 201310-QQuarterly report
May 7, 201310-QQuarterly report
Nov 14, 201210-QQuarterly report
Jul 30, 201210-QQuarterly report
Jul 30, 201210-Q/AQuarterly report (Amendment)
May 9, 201210-QQuarterly report

Board Of Directors

Barney Frank – Former U.S. Congressman (1981-2013)

Robert Tull – Former Executive Director of AMEX ETF (2000-2005)

Bobby Blair – Chief Executive Officer

Martina Navratilova – Hall of Fame Tennis Star

Billy Bean – Board Member of LGBTQ Loyalty

Louisville, Ky. embraces LGBTQ-owned businesses in passing diversity ordinance, supporters say