Over the past 50 years in the United States, the LGBTQ movement has taken many definitive steps forward in advancing the freedom, rights, and equality currently aligned to the fundamental American principles that are available to non-LGBTQ citizens. Still there remain inequality of rights and a level of discrimination affecting individuals who identify as LGBTQ.

In pursuit of rights for equality, we have had to endure struggles, setbacks, and oppositions from our fellow Americans who feel we need to be treated or classified as a lower class citizen based solely on sexual orientation. Fortunately, now, more than ever in history, we have the highest contingency of loving Loyal supporters comprised of family, friends, co-workers, classmates, alumni, and teammates. Over the past five years, this group had grown to include American businesses as well. From Fortune 1,000 corporations to small, individually-owned enterprises, the American business community is standing alongside us in our pursuit of equality!

The Loyalty of all the groups joining together with our LGBTQ community is our most substantial hope to reach our rights as Americans to be who we are, and love whom we love. At LGBTQ Loyalty, Inc., we have made it easier than ever for those who align and support us to be recognized for their Loyalty. In doing so, we have attributed an additional ā€œLā€ for Loyalty as a symbol of acknowledgment and appreciation.

We welcome our entire community and all its Loyal supporters to help us shape and define our role in contributing over the coming years in the pursuit of equality for all Citizens.