“Love Conquers All” as Burger King kisses Ronald McDonald

By Richard Hack

It was really only a matter of time before the King of Burgers joined Ronald McDonald in a wet kiss seen around the world.  It matters little that the moment came from the minds of Finish TWBA\Helsinki advertising agency.

True, the romance was brought forth by Burger King’s sponsorship of the long-postponed Helsinki Pride which is finally holding its event through September 13.  But the logic was sound regardless.

Burger King Finland’s brand manager Kaisa Kasila said that the design reflects the values that Burger King has always believed. “Burger King has always stood for equality, love and everyone’s right to be just the way they are,” she said. “The only instance where it might not seem so is when we’re bantering with our competitor.”

Kaisa may be on to something there. It’s hard to find workplaces more diverse than among the fast food competitors. “We thought, what a better way to convey our values than by portraying an all-encompassing kiss between Burger King and McDonald. We wanted to show that in the end, love always wins,” she said. “And we know McDonald’s stands for the values we stand for, too.”



Richard Hack is an award-winning author and journalist. He Is LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings' Vice President of Content and Executive Editor of lgbtqloyalty.com.

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