Disney Channel introduces first bisexual character

Amity and her friend Luz Noceda

By Richard Hack

Get ready for Luz Noceda. In case the name doesn’t ring any bells, it’s because you haven’t been paying attention to the Disney Channel lately.  You remember: the channel that brought us Hannah Montana and the High School Musical has probably not been on your radar lately which is why Luz Noceda, her buddy Amity, a rebellious witch named Eda, and the tiny warrior, King are strangers, but about to be your best friends.

The star in a new Disney Channel animation called The Owl House, which follows the adventures of a witch-in-the-making  (the aforementioned Luz Noceda), a 14-year-old Dominican-American girl who just happens to be bisexual (which at Disney is a lot rarer than witches which are a dime a dozen).

It’s Disney’s first bisexual character, and comes from the inventive mind of the show’s creator, bisexual Dana Terrance, so she knows the turf. The little miracle unfolding before our very eyes happened in plain sight of the Disney leadership who wasn’t exactly leaping to embrace the concept until they saw Luz make her animated debut, and were touched by the light-bulbs that went off when they realized that this character does double duty–appealing to everyone.

After initially laying down the law about no gay or bi characters were allowed to even come within sniffing range of the series, Terrance got to mixing in the creative kitchen where harmless bisexuals are baked to perfection.

The only trouble is that the show is sort of sneaking its way on-line, available first on the Disney Channel before it will make its way to stream on Disney Plus at the end of this month.


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