State agency applies U.S. Supreme Court ruling on LGBT job rights to housing cases


Spectators at last year’s Heartland Pride parade in Omaha.

This year’s parade was canceled because of the pandemic. On the heels of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that banned workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, LGBT Nebraskans have scored another civil rights victory.

Nebraska’s anti-bias agency says it will now investigate and resolve cases alleging such discrimination not only in employment, but also in the sale and rental of housing. […]




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This survey is a project of the Midlands Sexual Health Research Collaborative (MSHRC). They have recently launched the second wave of the only state-wide Nebraska LGBTQ+ Adult Health Research Survey. MSHRC is a group of UNO faculty that partner with individuals, organizations, and communities to do research projects. The purpose of this particular study is to assess the physical, mental, social, and sexual health of LGBTQ+ people in Nebraska. The hope is that the results of this survey may then help organizations throughout the state to better address the needs of the LGBTQ+ community. More detailed information about this survey can be found at our survey page. . @ftmiless Thank you for connecting with us about this amazing way to grow and support the community! . . #takeasurvey #supportqueerhealth #nebraskalgbtq

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