LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings Rebrands Wholly-Owned Division as Advancing Equality Preference Inc.

LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings Inc. has rebranded its wholly-owned diversity and inclusion financial product portfolio as Advancing Equality Preference Inc. (AEP). (Read full press release here.)

“The timing of the renaming reflects the unprecedented times we live in during the midst of a global pandemic and the recent unrest in race relations,” said Bobby Blair, CEO of LBGTQ Loyalty. “We believe AEP can leverage this unique time in history as a pivotal point to support the advancement of equality regardless of sexual identity, gender, race, ethnicity, disability or religious belief.”  AEP had previously been incorporated as Loyalty Preference Index.

As its first order of business, AEP has signed a data license and service agreement with C8 Technologies (EU) Technologies Limited (C8), a leading platform in direct indexing. C8 will market LGBTQ Loyalty’s groundbreaking LGBTQ100 ESG Index which launched on the New York Stock Exchange (Index Ticker: LGBTQ100) in October, 2019, and focuses on the corporations that most align with the LGBTQ community across America.

“Our mission for advancing equality has never been more pertinent. Recent events reinforce our desire for corporations and the investment community who finance them drive authentic impact around social justice and economic equality by incorporating the voice of the crowd,” Blair added. The CEO and his philosophy were recently featured in, available here.

Richard Hack is an award-winning author and journalist. He Is LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings' Vice President of Content and Executive Editor of

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