Putin mocks U.S. embassy in Moscow for hanging Rainbow Flag

By Richard Hack

John Sullivan, U.S. Ambassador to Moscow, hung the rainbow flag from the U.S. Embassy “in solidarity to wish Russians a happy Pride.”  It did not go unnoticed by Russian president Vladimir Putin.

In a speech as Putin campaigned for a change to the Russian constitution that will keep him in power for decades, he said that the U.S. embassy’s move to raise the LGBT pride flag “revealed something about the people that work there.”

“It’s no big deal though. We have spoken about this many times, and our position is clear,” said Putin, who continued his attempts to distance Russia from liberal Western values while aligning himself with the Russian Orthodox Church.

“Yes, we passed a law banning the propaganda of homosexuality among minors. So what? Let people grow up, become adults and then decide their own destinies.”

The legislation which was originally passed to protect Russian children from LGBTQ propaganda has evolved into a vehicle to stop gay pride marches and detain  gay rights activists.

In addition, he lobbied to change the constitution to reinforce the traditional notion of a mother and father, and refusing to allow it to be subverted by what he called “parent number 1” and “parent number 2.”



Richard Hack is an award-winning author and journalist. He Is LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings' Vice President of Content and Executive Editor of lgbtqloyalty.com.

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