Biden, Trump campaigns release staff diversity data

By Sarah Mucha

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign on Saturday reported diversity data for its staff for the first time, disclosing that more than one-third of the presumptive Democratic nominee’s staff is comprised of people of color and is majority female.

Thirty-five percent of Joe Biden’s full-time staff are people of color, a Biden campaign aide told CNN, while 36% of senior staff are people of color. Both senior staff and full-time staff are majority women, with 53% full-time staff and 58% of senior staff identifying as female. Five percent of staff chose not to specify, the aide told CNN.
The newly disclosed data does not indicate a full breakdown of staffers based on race and ethnicity.
President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign released some of its numbers later Saturday.
Of the campaign’s full-time staff, 52% are women, while senior staff are comprised of 56% women and 25% people of color, a spokesperson told CNN’s Donald Judd. A breakdown of people of color amongst full-time staff was not available, the spokesperson said.
Alida Garcia, the co-founder of Inclusv, a diversity in politics group, told CNN before the Trump campaign released its numbers that the firm is “excited” to see the Biden campaign “hit this great first step toward transparency around the makeup of their team,” but pointed out that there is “obviously room for growth.”
“We have optimism that they’ll be able to maybe even beat the numbers where Hillary Clinton ended up at her campaign,” Garcia said.



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