Everyday Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging: Where’s the D&I Progress?

By Richard Hack

If anyone should know about diversity and inclusion in corporate America, it is Trudy Bourgeois. The founder of the Center for Workforce Excellence, Trudy has spent decades educating leaders how to create inclusive cultures that produce better business results. Yet, after 20 years of opening doors and explaining why equality is not only an effective way to attract the best talent and develop the most extraordinary concepts, she admits she’s come to the realization that we’ve been looking at the challenge all wrong.

“We started incorrectly,” she admits. “White men never saw themselves as part of the equation.” The guys at the top of the ladder we just not looking for an answer to a problem they didn’t admit they had. “We’ve given rhetoric to what this initiative is all about.” It seems obvious that diversity and inclusion should be a business imperative. “But if it is a business imperative, the CEO owns it,” Trudy says. But it seems more often than not, they don’t. Businesses still don’t care to see the light.

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