Billie Jean King Opens Up About Becoming a Barbie Doll

Billie Jean King reaches for the ball in the first set of her match with aging Bobby Riggs for $100,000 winner-take-all "Battle of the Sexes". King's new Barbie doll features her wearing the same outfit that she wore in the 1973 match. Bettmann/Getty

By James Crowley

Mattel announced the release of a Billie Jean King Barbie as part of the iconic toy’s Inspiring Women series.

The tennis star’s doll is added to the collection alongside jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald and medical pioneer Florence Nightingale. The series, which began in 2018, has paid tribute to pilot Amelia Earhart, NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, artist Frida Kahlo, civil rights activist Rosa Parks, and astronaut Sally Ride.

King, 76, showed her excitement to be […]


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