Disney embraces LGBTQ with its original Freeform Channel movie “The Thing About Harry”

By Brianna Bell

As a queer love story backed by Disney, as well as the first original Valentine’s Day film for Freeform, there are sure to be many eyes on “The Thing About Harry.”

Set in Chicago, the TV movie follows Harry (played by Niko Terho) and Sam (Jake Borelli) who, after being stuck on what they believed to be the road trip from hell, eventually find a common ground as friends. The friendship later blossoms into a budding romance. The thing about “The Thing About Harry” is that the cast considers it a true rom-com, and it’s without any of the typical tropes of a “coming out” story.

“What I loved about the script is that it is about two men falling in love, but it’s really not about their sexuality,” Britt Baron (who plays Harry’s best friend Stasia) told Variety. “There’s no shame, there’s no coming out moment. It’s just normalized. I think that wouldn’t have been possible without the other LGBT stories on the media hadn’t been told. They paved the way.”

“Queer as Folk” alum Peter Paige served as director, penned the script, and additionally starred in the film.

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