Filmmaker questions banning of her lesbian romance film

Nairobi born filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu, whose latest movie titled “Rafiki” was banned in her native Kenya, spoke at a panel this week in Devos on artistic freedom. It didn’t matter so much that her film was banned because it told the story of two lesbians, who fathers were running against each other in politics. What mattered more to Kahiu was that women were being marginalized as filmmakers.

“In America,” she said, “they have an economic type of censorship. If you go into a studio, they say you can’t make a film with women as leads because no one wants to see a woman as a lead. Or no one wants to see a transgender lead, or a black person as a lead character,” she argued.

In this video, she speaks to CNN about censorship around the world, and her joy when “Rafiki” became the first Kenyan movie to be selected for the Cannes Film Festival in the event’s 70-plus-year history.

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