Kevin Hart Gets Netflix Series on Anti-LGBTQ Comments

LOS ANGELES–There’s a new docuseries on the Netflix channel starring Kevin Hart.  Perhaps series is stretching the word a bit far, since the show, titled Don’t F**k This Up,” will only run six-hour episodes. But, as with all things Netflix, it will rerun for what seems like eternity. The theme of the program is actual taped footage of Hart’s life at the time earlier this year when he stepped down as the host of the Oscar Awards show amid the revelations of his past homophobic tweets and comedy routines.

Hart brought along cameras as in went on what was labeled “an apology tour,” though there were never really any apologies that he was able to document. He interviewed friends and family, and those tapes will be included as well in the show, though no real apologies there either it seems.

According to an Instagram post announcing the series, Hart claims that the show will be “a hell of a rollercoaster; peaks, hills, valleys, ups, downs. It’s as real, as raw, as transparent as you could be.”

Hart’s Hartbeat Productions will produce alongside Lionsgate, Makemake, 3 Arts Entertainment, and Magical Elves, with the show set to debut on Netflix on Dec. 27.


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