LGBTQ’s forced into conversion therapy and held captive in China

BEIJING–A just-released report from Beijing Gender states that the Chinese government under President Xi Jinping’s regime has opened 96 conversion therapy centers and is forcing gays and transgender people to undergo shock therapy looking for a cure for their “condition.”

“It’s not just a commercial scam, but an action that violates people’s rights,” said Wang Zhenyu, leader of the Public Interest Law Center on Equal Rights for LGBTI.

While homosexuality is no longer illegal in China, there has been a decided effort to erase much of any mention of it from the country’s history books and media. This includes conveniently forgetting that during the Han Dynasty (202 BCE – 220 CE), Emporer Ai of Han had a male lover, Dong Xian. The couple was together so long in fact that Dong was promoted within the royal court until reaching the post of supreme commander of the armed forces by the time of Emperor Ai’s death in 1 BC. Dong Xian was forced to commit suicide after the Emperor’s death and was buried with him.

Beijing Gender is a 17-year-old non-profit organization created to promote and advocate gender and sexual diversity and equality in Chinese society, the Chinese government has

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