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Mirriam-Webster tells us that “heroes” are those who are worthy of extreme admiration or devotion. But for those of us in the LGBTQ community, the word “heroes” takes on a meaning that far exceeds any definition that any mere dictionary entry could convey.

To LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings Inc. and its website, LGBTQLoyalty.com, our heroes are HEROES. The capitalization serves as our way of visually exalting a special group of extraordinary leaders who have taken their personal responsibility for promoting equality-for-all to a level that exceeds what would, to most, be impossible to visualize, let alone achieve.

Through these weekly and in-depth series of profiles, we will enlighten, educate and exalt those chosen few who meet our demanding qualifications for inclusion. More than likely, these leaders will not be pleased by the spotlight we place upon them with this showcase, for they normally dodge notoriety at all costs. Their names will, most likely, be unfamiliar to most as a result.

Yet HEROES they are—placing the cause of equality-for-all above profit, politics, or pride. They share the common traits of selflessness, compassion, and courage in a world which too often views these personal gifts as weakness, while advancing greed and the illusion of superiority as more valued a commodity.

Each and every one of our HEROES has faced discrimination and bullying and looked it straight in the eyes and refused to pronounce it as acceptable behavior in the name of equality-for-all. They are more than mere leaders; more than philanthropists; more than revolutionaries; and more than activists. They are HEROES—nothing less.

Richard Hack is an award-winning author and journalist. He Is LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings' Vice President of Content and Executive Editor of lgbtqloyalty.com.

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