Loyalty Preference Index Inc. Links with The Harris Poll and Fuzzy Logix

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WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA– LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: LFAP), a financial methodology company that quantifies corporate alignment with the LGBTQ community and their supporters, announced the incorporation of a new wholly-owned subsidiary, Loyalty Preference Index, Inc. The entity has been created to facilitate and deliver to the marketplace the LGBTQ Loyalty 100 Preference Index, in conjunction with Harris Poll and Fuzzy Logix. The incorporation of Loyalty Preference Index marks a significant milestone ahead of the release of the LGBTQ Loyalty Preference Index itself. The new business will serve as the development and operational entity for this and future financial indices that include constituent group perspectives to advance equality.

“LGBTQ Loyalty is honored to be chartering new waters in the development of financial methodology indices that will serve to advance equality. As we prepare to launch a meaningful way to measure corporate progress to the financial community, we are thrilled for new growth in our corporate structure to intersect large-cap publicly traded companies, community representation and business performance,” said Bobby Blair, CEO of LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings, Inc.

In support of the new entity and the LGBTQ Loyalty 100 Preference Index, LGBTQ Loyalty additionally executed agreements with two leading companies integral to the authenticity and effectiveness of the index’s methodology and analysis. The first agreement is with The Harris Poll, one of the nation’s top market research companies. The Harris Poll will aid the Company with the community representation of the survey to incorporate LGBTQ constituents’ perspectives as an essential contributor to the index methodology. By engaging The Harris Poll, Loyalty Preference Index Inc. will ensure that the quality and credibility of the survey meets the highest standards of constituent results.

The second agreement being executed is with Fuzzy Logix, a big data analytics company specializing in financial and index products. Fuzzy Logix created the world’s first in-database analytics solution for the financial industry. Fuzzy Logic will serve as a premier partner to analysis data gathered through Loyalty Preference Index, Inc.’s engagement with The Harris Poll survey.

“With the creation of the Loyalty Preference Index entity and executed agreements with The Harris Poll and Fuzzy Logix, LGBTQ Loyalty can bring together community perspective and index performance in ways never before imagined,” added Larry Roan, a director on LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings’ board.

As the Company continues to expand its capabilities and resources to advance equality, LGBTQ Loyalty is expected to announce a series of index milestones throughout the third and fourth quarter of 2019.


Richard Hack is an award-winning author and journalist; and an outspoken advocate for equality in business and government, as well as neutrality in news media.

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