During his years spent as a businessman, as a publisher of LGBTQ print and online media content, and as a member of the LGBTQ community, Bobby Blair noticed a recurring theme: Loyalty. And it was more than a perception. It was a well-documented statistic. The LGBTQ community was loyal to the brands that cared about them, but they weren’t always well served by the investment community. There had to be a way, Blair thought, of better connecting those two demographics — the LGBTQ community and the businesses that served them — resulting in a win-win for everyone.

That was when the brainstorming began, lasting around two years, as Blair and his colleagues at the Maxim Group developed “a dynamic way to advance equality and better serve the LGBTQ community.” The cornerstone of their new project, they decided, would be to create a Preference LGBTQ Index, an ideal way to give the community a voice in acknowledging those companies that have demonstrated their loyal support towards LGBTQ equality.

Once Blair brought on what he described as “a team of supporters with time-tested advocacy,” and found company partners and vendors that are “the best in every area needed to succeed”, LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings was born.

“It was always a vision about how to better serve the LGBTQ community,” says Blair, a professional tennis player prior to his business career. “We want to better engage the business community with the LGBTQ community and vice versa, and we can do that through the loyalty factor.”

Now LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings is in full development mode, recently funded, and excited to launch the LGBTQ Loyalty 100 Preference Index, in tandem with a relevant media site. This latter is an important reflection of Blair’s past experience in delivering news relevant to the LGBTQ community, but this time, he says, it can be done “in conjunction with a much bigger purpose.”

“We want to make sure our community is extremely well-informed,” Blair added. That means not only reporting the positive steps and the breakthroughs but also calling out “the non-supporters, those whose actions are not in our best interest,” Blair said. “At the end of the day, we are delivering a single platform where LGBTQ people and their loyal allies can get the most up-to-date information about the most relevant stories of the day.”

By connecting the LGBTQ community to the investment community for the first time, not only this generation, but future generations will be better off, says Blair, “because of the efforts being made for those companies to excel, to invest more in our community, to make donations.” By doing so, he says, they will demonstrate to the world “the value of conducting best practices in support of advancing equality.”

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